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More full-size photos are on Lake Mitchell 2013-2014 in Words and Pictures.


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MILFOIL TREATMENT: This is where the June 26th treatment occurred.

Click on this image for a larger version of the map.



New Information for Spring of 2014:

New state law bans docking boats at road ends overnight – From the Cadillac News
April, 2012 -- Boaters will no longer able to tie up overnight at spots where public roads end on lakes. The new law makes it a misdemeanor to place boat hoists or anchoring systems or to install a dock at road ends. Similar penalties apply to boaters who dock their boats at road ends between midnight and sunrise. (This law was just passed and may be good to know the watercraft rules as we enter the boating season. – Dave Foley)

Important Information to Review:

The Lake Mitchell Improvement Board uses the services of Restorative Lake Sciences L.L.C. and its Water Resources Director, Jennifer Jermalowicz-Jones in developing and executing its aquatic plant control program. More can be learned about RLS at Information about Lake Cadillac and its milfoil control program can be found at  

E-Mail Newsletter -- If you received the printed newsletter, please consider saving the board the $2 it costs to print and mail this newsletter by reading it online at (We would rather use our money to fight milfoil than print and mail newsletters). All the contents of the newsletter are available online plus photos, minutes of our meetings, and features about Lake Mitchell not found in our annual newsletter. Email us at and we will add your email to our list which has over 330 addresses.

Those on our email list are notified about important Lake Mitchell information including days when the lake will be treated as well being alerted to upcoming meetings. If weather events such as floods, ice storms, or heavy snows occur, which could damage property, emails may be sent.  These are especially appreciated by Association members who are not lakeside residents. The email list will not be sold or offered to anyone and will only be used for Lake Mitchell Improvement Board and Association business.

The Lake Mitchell Improvement Board also has a mobile website. This site is designed specifically for viewing on your mobile smartphone (iPhone, Android phone). The mobile website has all the information found on the full website. There are no graphics or photos on the mobile site, so it's fast to load and easy to read on small screens. To access the mobile website, point your phone's browser to Then bookmark the site or add it to your phone's home screen.

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Meeting Dates

Lake Mitchell Improvement Board Meetings 2014:

-Monday, January 12, 2015 @ 10 AM

All meetings are held at the Cherry Grove Township Fire Hall on M-55. The public is invited to attend.

Contact Lake Mitchell Improvement Board at

Lake Mitchell Property Owners’ Association Meetings 2014:

-Saturday, May 17 @ 10:00 AM

Meetings held at Cherry Grove Township Fire Hall on M-55.